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The commitment of everyone determines the reputation of the group: we are trusted colleagues who have decided to join forces and complement each other, working with a transparent and ethical method. Our organizational culture is based on the sharing of values at an economic, social and environmental level. We firmly believe that our actions and relationships should create value for all stakeholders..

We accompany companies in their growth path with determination, defining innovative strategies and solutions to face global challenges and sharing our skills and values in every step.

A team of professionals who have acquired skills in concrete business realities also on international markets. Entrepreneurs perfectly interconnected in the mission of a harmonious project tailored to your SME, with a flexible and personalized approach since every company is a company of its own! Daruma Strategy is the interlocutor for the improvement, development and relaunch company, guarantee of performance thanks to Temporary Managers that coordinate with each other in the different areas (commercial, administrative/financial, organizational and productive, training) towards a single objective : creating value through a strategic path.
We are not consultants who give theoretical tools without providing a concrete approach and an operational presence. We are not a fixed cost to your business. Our flexibility is the basis for identifying solutions suitable for your reality. The Temporary Manager is not a figure outside the company, but is part of the company team and carries out the activities agreed with the Entrepreneur.
Why Daruma? The Daruma doll, which represents the founder and first patriarch of Zen, recalls several key concepts of Kaizen. Kaizen Process: We put our hearts into everything we do. Only by pursuing our objective with constancy and determination can we achieve it. Rigorous we always give the maximum in what we do, without losing sight of the focus. We recognize the errors and from them we rise together with you to resume the journey.

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