The manager turns out to be the key figure in the redarre the industrial plan, that is the document complete key of appraisal that can serve to the entrepreneur same in order to support strategic and operating decisions and be presented to any investors. It will include quantitative and qualitative economic, financial and operational measurements highlighting the company’s prospective capacity to create value. The document is also the basis of assessment for investors in any M&A transactions. In line with our corporate philosophy we strongly believe in the important social role of the company and we will help to highlight choices that guarantee added value without dispersing the wealth of knowledge, analysing the possible adoption of an alternative organisational model to consolidate strengths and rebalance weaknesses.

A solution for companies that do not need to face a temporary management project but need a back-office to deal with secretarial activities thanks to a multilingual team with consolidated experience and cutting-edge technological support. A service of preparation and support for trade missions and fairs thanks to a commercial with experience that enhances in a short time the effectiveness of the business investment following the company in setting appointments, support during meetings and follow up on request.

Temporary managers always provide on-the-job technical training at the request of the entrepreneur, which consists in the transfer of skills by the professional to the relevant departments. Thanks to the support of coaching and business management specialists, we can undertake a path specific modules that lead to develop a greater sense of responsibility and belonging to the company, create habits functional to the objectives, manage conflicts, and cultivate the talents of the entire team. The training leads the entire company structure to find a serene and harmonious environment and therefore to be more agile, motivated and profitable. The twenty-year experience of the team has allowed to devise an exclusive method that combines methods the most innovative ones facilitating change, making the transformation powerful and, at the same time, pleasant. A first exploratory meeting, followed by a check up that brings out the needs and criticality, for allow you to identify and start the path tailored to your needs.

He guides the entrepreneur in the choices related to the area of Finance, Administration and Control, which are increasingly vital in the management of the company. Through a critical-constructive approach and detailed monitoring, it helps the entrepreneur to find a strategy that allows the maintenance of a financial balance with respect to the objectives. The Financial Manager has extensive experience as a CFO, financial director or administrative director in multinational companies, but also in Smes and small family businesses. Therefore it is an extremely flexible and transversal figure able to understand and adapt to the different needs of small and medium-sized Italian companies, as well as large structured companies.

The first step aims to gather all the necessary information about the company /structure / product, and then to help on the one hand to identify potential partners / distributor / customers, Secondly, it aims to acquire the necessary information to then be able to present the product /company in the best and most effective way to the identified targets. A first long list is presented to the customer company whether they are distributors or agents or any direct customers. On each of them you provide insights (e.g. positioning, dimensions). Based on what we collected and after a comparison with the company we review the list, to arrive at a short list. You can then proceed to the phase of contact and interview with the partners, to arrive at a final selection.

Management control allows for a reorganization of analytical accounting, cost monitoring, identification of key KPIs and finally produces a large number of reports. The ultimate goal is to provide the indicators that allow management to consciously manage the key business variable.

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